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Compliance and Security Email


Compliance and Security Plan services include security and privacy controls to protect attorney-client confidentiality and help to support client industry regulations including finance, legal, and healthcare.

HostedExchange-small Hosted Exchange Get business-grade, fully mobile email, calendar and contacts for your attorneys and staff.
ConnectID-small ConnectID single sign-on and identity management Provide secure, easy-to-manage access to your web–based calendaring and docketing, conflict checking, document management and legal research applications. Secure your cloud apps with 2FA, the strongest industry-standard authentication protocol.
PCBackup-small PC Backup Make sure your staff can recover quickly from hard drive failures and lost or stolen laptops.
EncryptedEmail-small Encrypted Email Protect against data leaks by automatically encrypting email containing privileged client information. Enforce compliance based on policies and rules that you define.
EmailArchiving-small Email Archiving Archive your email correspondence automatically and securely with encryption. Get tamper-proof, searchable records for auditing, compliance and internal governance purposes.
ShareSync-small ShareSync file sync and share Access and collaborate securely on discovery, client and project files from anywhere, on any device, with at-rest and in-transit encryption. Manage research and discovery files and folders for staff and clients with strict access controls, even in a virtual office environment.


Add these services to enhance your solution

Hosted-PBX-small Hosted PBX Experience enterprise-grade phone service with conference calling and automatic call forwarding. Use the softphone mobile app to dial from a mobile device as if you were sitting at your desk.
Lync-small Lync Secure Chat With Lync secure instant messaging, get quick answers while multi-tasking, or ensure privacy in an open environment.