Security Awareness Training

Our awareness training modules are designed to augment an organization’s existing security architecture  Our enhanced breach protection services include:

  • Interactive, scenario-based on-site training
  • A security portal for employees of your customers that provides access to breach security information and tools. The portal serves as a repository of security reports and information.
  • A security risk assessment that identifies gaps in a customer’s environment and provides recommendations for remediation.
  • Unlimited dark web breach assessments are included per customer.
  • A platform for delivering easy-to-understand, written security policies and procedures. The policies address topics such as network security, computer use, bring your own device, physical security, and termination. Employees are required to electronically sign and acknowledge understanding of each policy.
  • Phishing awareness through the delivery of simulated phishing emails to employees. Help to educate users on how to spot phishing emails, a common device for infiltrating business computers and networks.
  • Engaging and interactive micro-training lessons emailed weekly to your customer’s employees. The lessons are branded with your logo and focus on important topics like phishing scams, ransomware, and the physical protection of mobile devices.
  • A monthly security awareness eNewsletter with tips to keep employees secure both in the office and at home.